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Our mission is to enhance the community livelihood through capacity development, humanitarian support and realization of social and economic available opportunities.

As a non profit organization, our Mission is to enhance community livelihood through capacity development, humanitarian support and realization of social and economical available national economy and humanitarian development. We are working in Tanzania mainland. We have been working since 2017 with a lot of success in all areas of operation, bringing the positive change to most poor communities in our areas of specialization. Our projects placement include: Women empowerment, Care- giving and Orphanage, Animal care ,Environmental work, Agriculture, Sports, Education, Microfinance and Business coaching. For our projects our organization needs volunteers who can participate to achieve our main objectives which include ;

  • To create awareness on modern farming practices and product marketing for poor farmers in rural areas
  • To enhance and facilitate humanitarian support to people with disabilities in education and health spheres
  • To empower women and youth on entrepreneurship management skills and facilitate generation of economic income group for self reliant
  • To enhance environmental conservation and climate change through natural resource and ecosystem management
  • To enhance youth livelihood through talents realization, promoting and development for income creation

These goals are designed to help the local communities and provide humanitarian support. Volunteer work can be life-changing, whether you are a professional or just seeking to explore the world and other culture. Making a difference in eradicating poverty through volunteering is the mantra held by AVIDE. There is probably no better way to learn the in-depth history of a country and its people than to volunteer.

AVIDE is a local non-governmental organization with the help from committed individuals and local people to achieve better way of life as much as possible. We are proud to provide these opportunities through;


Our organization welcomes volunteers for a very cheap fee starting from 280 Euro per month .We aim to make and provide quality work where the volunteer can exchange experience with the local communities ,learn new way of life and recommend cheap companies for local tourism upon request


Our Organization is available with the community with the fastest response in all areas of participation with experienced board with flexible start dates and durations

Customized Programs

AVIDE ‘s programs are customized for the community according to their needs. We carefully consider how much and what the community needs we always do our very best to make sure that our programs are what the community need.

Informative and Meaningful Work Placements

We have carefully selected the programs that have an impact to the society and are worthwhile to each and everyone involved. We do our best to make sure that everyone feels needed and their contribution is need and has an impact to make a difference in the community.


You are welcome to contact us anytime 24 hours, 7 days a week. The best way to reach us is by email. If you send an email, we typically reply within 1-2 work days (often within only a few hours) When you contact us, you should expect a reply within 2 business days. If you don’t get a reply within 2 business days, your message may have gone to the junk folder. In that case, it is recommended to send us another email from a different email service provider to make sure that we get your email.


Change Their World. Change Yours.


Empower women and youth on entrepreneurship skills and facilitate generation of economic income group for self reliant.



To Support large number of school children who walk long distance from home to school every day .



FEEDING PROGRAM with Over 200 children from poor families and street children. most of these families relay on 1USD a day.



Whith the help of volunteers, donors and well wishers we get more power and encouragement continuing working hand in hand.


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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.