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Tree planting

With the rapid deforestation of trees our world is quickly changing. Logging, clear cutting, industrial farming, and massive wide-spread fires have left miles of land lifeless. Incredibly diverse and vibrant jungles and forests have been reduced to dry and barren landscapes. We target to achieve 40,000 trees annually by 2025 for community sustainability.


When you educate a child, you bring about change to the world. Education is one of the most powerful weapons in fighting poverty. Access to education provides young people with skills and opportunities which greatly improve their lives and those of their families and help raise communities out of poverty.

Sports and Games

AVIDE focuses especially on working with kids from disadvantaged backgrounds using the power of sport to improve education, raise health awareness and build life-skills. Through working in partnership with schools to improve ensure all children can take part in competitive sport and increase their activity levels.


AVIDE focuses on both advocacy and training to reduce poverty and increase productivity. Farming efficiently has been a challenge for many farmers and inadequate finance and farming education has caused many to remain subsistence farmers. Provision of education to farmers on use of modern farming methods to reduce the waste of resources and increase standards of living.

Bicycle Project

For many people in developing countries like Tanzania, walking is their primary mode of transportation. Add the challenge of distance and seemingly simple tasks become difficult and sometimes impossible. When you provide a bicycle, you empower people with the opportunity to make choices. Over time, bicycles enrich the lives of children, households, and entire communities.

Health and Protection of People with albinism

People with albinism in Tanzania, not only are they fighting for their survival but also face discrimination, outright rejection by families and society and endure extreme violence as they are hunted down. Witch doctors have promoted a belief in the potential magical and superstitious properties of albinos' body parts, where their body parts are used in witchcraft rituals for different beliefs.

Women empowerment

We believe that empowering women and girls with educational and economic opportunities and securing their health to fight against early child marriages and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.