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Food for fundraising Saturday 02.10.2021

We organized a food event for collection of funds where we gave food in exchange of donations for our health project and people with albinism project. The main purpose was to raise awareness on violence against people with albinism (PWA), since it is an unspoken agenda and enlight people on albinism.

Giving out caps to children with albinism

From the help of our fund collection for this cause,we managed to give out caps to children born with albinism to raise awareness to talk about albinism openly and demystify myths and misconceptions about albinism

Most of these children lack basic needs especially sun protection lotions,caps and food.This being a major problem for these vulnerable children more needs to be done on this issue especially on improvement of their living standards to live as any other children in the community

The goal of on this project is to relieve symptoms. It will depend on how severe the disorder is since it is an inherited disorder involves protecting the skin and eyes from the sun. To do this: Reduce sunburn risk by avoiding the sun, using sunscreen, and covering up completely with clothing when exposed to the sun. Use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF) Wear sunglasses (UV protected) to help relieve light sensitivity. The above listed steps will ensure and make life better for children born with albinism

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