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Women Empowerment

Economic empowerment is central to women’s ability to overcome poverty, cope with shocks and improve their well-being. AVIDE has started Women Empowered (WE) program to supports the social and economic empowerment of women through community-based savings groups that will help women save money, access credit, develop financial literacy and invest in income-generating activities. .

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Tree planting

We have initiated tree planting projects which are done by school students and farmers these groups of people are used as the key personnel to fulfill our goals of planting trees. We are planting trees in areas that are critically affected like roadsides, school compounds, homesteads and mountains. ‘’Our Motto: Planting a tree is much better than wearing a mask to be safe from pollution.’’

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We focus on educating farmers to use modern sustainable methods which will remain harmless to the environment to protect and nourish natural resources to prevent climate change and protect natural resources such as rivers and forest. We hope to bring change on these among the important pillars of most people’s livelihood.

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Sports and Games

If opportunities are limited, there is a risk that children will give up literally at the first hurdle if they do not find a sport they enjoy. Being one of the several pillars and one of the employment opportunities in the globe. AVIDE offer sports to teach young people values, skills and habits that will make them more active, engaged and responsible citizens.

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AVIDE ‘s educational support aims in taking many forms through infrastructure and teaching materials, providing schools with donated books and other learning equipment for the development of children and discouraging dropouts.

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Health and Protection of People with Albinism

Children born with albinism and other children born with disabilities face a lot of challenges since there are inadequate or no schools for children with special needs to learn in a normal education system. Especially for children with Albinism who are forced to live under shade, because they can not afford the sunscreen.In a population where 80% of the people live with less than $2.50 a day.And the cost of sunscreen is around $10, $15.Hence children with such disability are forced to not attend school or rather are faced with skin problems which later develops to cancer.

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Bicycle Project

We are aiming to help and make bicycling more affordable and more reliable for the lower income and underprivileged majority population. Through the bicycle project we will be able to empower communities by strengthening bicycle culture and empower people with a flexible opportunity to make choices.

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